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STRATA HR: the expert Human Resources lever for international companies investing in Mexico.

About Strata HR – Human resources solutions for foreign companies in Mexico.























Foreign companies investing in Mexico have many unique needs. When choosing a human resource partner, it is essential that they understand your organization's needs, and the requirements, laws and conditions of the industry and country in which you operate.

Strata HR has been serving the International companies since 2005.  We partner with our clients to provide the service which is best suited to their specific needs.

We handle the complete hiring process. For each opening, we identify the required candidate skills and traits, advertise, short list, interview, check references and coordinate the final selection process.

Strata HR is one of the best HR recruitment agencies servicing foreign companies in Mexico since 2005, supplying integral human resource services to  Canadian companies, and now expanding its reach to other companies interested in establishing in this country.

As you are aware, the interest on a low cost operation country, whether for mining, manufacturing or commercial projects has boomed over the last years, making the war for talent recruitment harder.

The shortage of qualified candidates will only grow over the next several years and the experience gap shall widen, regardless of if we are talking about recruiting workers, engineers, or managerial positions.

Those who partner with recruitment agencies like STRATA HR, that understands their business, will secure and retain the best and brightest talent.

Our desire is to establish long-term, mutually rewarding professional relationships with international companies investing in Mexico.

Our mission is centered on the continuous growth and improvement of international companies, our clients, and it reads as follows:

“To develop and implement Human Resources professional management services covering the strictest legal, labor, and fiscal aspects.”

We invite you to partner with us in this ongoing endeavor.

What's different about STRATA HR?

  • We specialize on working with foreign companies investing in Mexico.
  • We can relate to everyone from Managers and Directors to first year Trainees.
  • We understand the human resources legal environment in Mexico as well as Collective contracts management.

We know what it is to do business in a foreign country, with different language, laws and beliefs and we have become experts at what we do.

We walk our talk, and we are sure we can safeguard your investment in Mexico with our expertise and commitment.

Our promise for foreign companies is: we will make your project happen and your investment will be safe under our supervision.

Let us be your partner in Mexico.


Toni Gerges


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Value Proposition:

Our specialty and commitment is to safeguard the investment of international companies in Mexico by offering Strategic Human Resource Solutions on the start-up critical stage and on the “day-to-day” operations.
We make the complexity of the Mexican labor market easy to navigate through, even for companies with no experience in this country.
We invite you to learn how we can improve your project in Mexico.