Strata HR – Human Resources Solutions for international companies with current operations in Mexico.
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HR “day to day” Business Operations

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Strata HR is focused on one main objective: to ease and improve current business operations for your company in Mexico by tailoring Human Resources solutions to your needs.

Strata HR – Human Resources Solutions for international companies with ongoing operations in Mexico.












Strata HR is fully committed to the success of its clients and the companies already established in Mexico


We are able to take care of all the small details that do not add value to your operation and that nevertheless, could harm your operation severely if not handled adequately.
Our Human Resources solutions range from:
  • Organizational chart & job description analysis and redesign.
  • Salaries and benefits analysis (vs. Mexican labor market) and cost optimization strategies.
  • Talent Management: Recruitment, selection, signing contracts and hiring personnel.
  • Turnover and productivity rates improvement.
  • Payroll outsourcing.
  • Personnel training & Organizational development.
  • Collective contracts management.
  • Conflict resolution (legal advice).
  • Among other important human resources solutions that will improve your business operation in Mexico.
Our most important asset to guarantee the success of your day-to-day operations is that we do not only have the “know how’s” but also the “know who’s” to keep you up and running hassle free.
Our promise: we will improve your project and we will safeguard your investment in Mexico from Human Resources mismanagement.
If you feel that this service could be of value to you - be that now or at some point in the future, please contact us.
We will be pleased to provide you more information about how we may be able to assist you, including an outline of our fees.
If you wonder what we can do for you, we invite you to SIGN UP FOR A FREE ASSESSMENT with STRATA HR, so we can have a clear understanding of your objectives and needs in Mexico and assist you with your BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION STRATEGY.
This will allow us to design a tailored human resource strategy to improve your current operations in Mexico.


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Value Proposition:

Our specialty and commitment is to safeguard the investment of international companies in Mexico by offering Strategic Human Resource Solutions on the start-up critical stage and on the “day-to-day” operations.
We make the complexity of the Mexican labor market easy to navigate through, even for companies with no experience in this country.
We invite you to learn how we can improve your project in Mexico.