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Strata HR launches New Website

Thursday, 16 December 2010 09:37 webmaster
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Strata HR & Outsourcing Inc., has launched its new website offering to safeguard the investment of international companies in Mexico through strategic human resources solutions.

Toronto, CA. December 15th, 2010. – Strata HR & Outsourcing Inc. has launched its new website providing information related to strategic human resources solutions for international companies interested in doing business in Mexico.

This talent Management Program provides the human resources that make doing business in Mexico an attractive solution for companies looking to cut costs and increase their profitability lessening the fear to the uncertainties of working in an unfamiliar legal frame country.

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Value Proposition:

Our specialty and commitment is to safeguard the investment of international companies in Mexico by offering Strategic Human Resource Solutions on the start-up critical stage and on the “day-to-day” operations.
We make the complexity of the Mexican labor market easy to navigate through, even for companies with no experience in this country.
We invite you to learn how we can improve your project in Mexico.